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NET is Nebraska’s only statewide television. Your message will hit home across our entire state.

For example, many civic or nonprofit organizations invest significant resources on speakers and presentations of great value—but too often with a limited audience, and with no option to extend the life of their event. That’s where NET Connects can make a difference for you, by expanding the reach of your message.

Successful Partnership

"Our project [Geothermal: Energy From the Ground Up] has benefitted from airing on NET as well as the extensive use of the video by members of the water well industry and others to educate professional heating and cooling contractors and consumers."
-Lee Orton, Nebraska Well Drillers Association

Your program on NET Connects can reach across the state, and beyond, through broadcast on NET’s respected and highly watched network.  Countless more viewers can also access your program through NET’s on-demand website and mobile app!

Meaning that your audience expands to anyone, anywhere, with 24/7 access to the Internet.

Community Partner Co-Productions

Radon Awareness
What would you do to lower your family’s risk of lung cancer? It starts with one simple test, and your own Radon Awareness. Learn about radon and how to keep your family safe from the dangers it presents. Local panelists with... more››
One to three per 1,000 newborns are diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing each year. Due to requirements for early identification and newborn screening, parents are often caught by surprise when they are told their child is deaf... more››
Now What? Approaches in Elder & Dementia Care
Examines and discusses pharmacological and current non-pharmacological approaches in elder and dementia care.

Featured Projects

Debate Summary This Wilson Dialogue will explore the global environmental and financial effect of carbon emissions and proposed... more››
Pathways to Recovery
Being diagnosed with a mental illness is not a death sentence.  In fact it can be just the opposite.  It can be the first step... more››
The engines of the U. S. economy rely on entrepreneurship, technology, and innovating new products and services. A key to... more››
Genetically Modified Animals: the Facts, the Fear Mongering, and the Future. Part of the Heuermann Lecture Series.
Modern industrial food and farming systems that dominate the U.S. commercial marketplace are under heavy attack in the cultural... more››
Understanding and Assessing Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska documents many of the key challenges that Nebraska will... more››