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I watched the Unheard of Journey for the first time last night.  As a field representative with the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing I work with Deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind. As a person with a hearing loss I have always tried to understand Deaf Culture.   Last night I gained so much by watching the Unheard of Journey!  Hearing firsthand accounts and individual experiences made an impact on me that words cannot express.  I have a greater appreciation of and respect for Deaf Culture and Deaf Nebraskans.     To all of you a VERY BIG THANK YOU for making this very special documentary happen! From a very grateful viewer..  


For example, many civic or nonprofit organizations invest significant resources on speakers and presentations of great value—but too often with a limited audience, and with no option to extend the life of their event. That’s where NET Connects can make a difference for you, by expanding the reach of your message.

Your program on NET Connects can reach across the state, and beyond, through broadcast on NET’s respected and highly watched network.  Countless more viewers can also access your program through NET’s on-demand website and mobile app!  Meaning that your audience expands to anyone, anywhere, with 24/7 access to the Internet.


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"Our project [Geothermal: Energy From the Ground Up] has benefitted from airing on NET as well as the extensive use of the video by members of the water well industry and others to educate professional heating and cooling contractors and consumers."
-Lee Orton, Nebraska Well Drillers Association



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