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On the October 24th program, Genevieve Randall previews:the next concerts by Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra and Lincoln Choral Artists; a performance by a Ukrainian dance ensemble at the Lied in Lincoln; "Boo on the Farm" at Wessels Farms; the latest production by the Brigit St. Brigit Theatre in Omaha: jazz ensemble concerts at UNL; the Welsh Society's event in Lincoln; all that’s going on at the Ross in Lincoln; "Walk the Night" at the Blue Barn Theatre in Omaha; and, information on how you can become a member or renew your membership to listener supported NET Radio!

Friday Live is a weekly arts and humanities program hosted by NET Radio’s Genevieve Randall that usually broadcasts from The Mill coffee house in Lincoln's Haymarket district on Fridays at 9 a.m. Central on all stations of NET Radio. If you can't catch the show in person, on the radio, or on the web, it is available later the same day as a podcast.

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Listen to the Friday Live special series about the Lincoln Community Art Project "Doorways to Hope."

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