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It's our sixth annual "best of" episode… from Ali to Lebron James, meet sports-artist Armando Villareal, the premiere sports artist of his generation;  FreakWorks is redefining the modern circus with dramatic airborne maneuvers and eclectic talents that both thrill and entertain;   Sheridan Swotek is hoping her innovative 4-H project will put her on track to receive the organization’s highest recognition;  Robert Kay recounts the events surrounding the Mount Everest avalanche that killed 16 Sherpas while he was preparing to climb the world's highest mountain;  the unusual formations of Toadstool Geologic Park make it seem more like a Star Wars movie set than a natural wonder, but our little gem of the west is now considered one of the best hiking spots in America.

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Latest Edition of Nebraska Stories

A profile of Armando Villarreal, an auto mechanic turned Army veteran turned artist - who has become one of the premiere sports-art artists of his generation and he does it all from his home in Imperial. See more stories like... more››
Lincoln High School student Sheridan Swotek pursues the Diamond Clover Award, the highest recognition given by 4-H. Through a national grant she's developed an innovative youth project that gives urban kids the opportunity to... more››
Nebraska has a new circus troupe based in Lincoln that honors the traditions of its 3 ring ancestors with acrobats, clowns and jugglers while embracing new advances in technology that allow for dramatic aerial acrobatics and more... more››
A Lincoln man was close enough to see and hear the avalanche that killed 16 Sherpa guides on Mount Everest this past April. Robert Kay discusses the deadly accident, the chaos that followed and the controversial future of... more››
Toadstool Geologic Park is named for its unusual toadstool shape formations. Located within the Oglala National Grasslands, this arid sandstone badlands with its unworldly natural sculptures looks more like a movie set for Star... more››

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