Learning Services

Interactive Educational Media - NET produced multimedia projects, including the award-winning “Birds of Nebraska” CD for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and an online training program for UNL’s Custodial Services as well as two online courses for the Department of Labor for Career Readiness and Professional Development.

Community Engagement and Educational Outreach are the cornerstones of NET’s mission. Community engagement and outreach extends the impact of NET’s television and radio broadcasts by providing access to educational materials and collaborative activities. New projects and partnerships are helping us reach more people than ever across the state of Nebraska and beyond.

Teaching and Intern Programs - NET continued to supplement the academic preparation of 12 UNL students this year with practical work experience in audio, video and online production. Partners: UNL’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

NET Virtual Learning Library blends content with memorable visual images that support classrooms with supplemental materials, including suggested lesson plans, learning objectives and ties to state standards. The online library will let Nebraska teachers and students tap into more than 30,000 digital resources this year comprised of audio, video and interactive components.


Learning Services Highlights

Dinosaur Train Event, Omaha Children's Museum, Aug. 3, 1-5PM
NET Kids at Omaha Children's Museum
Sunday, August 3, 1 - 5PM
NET Television and the Omaha Children’s Museum are hosting a day devoted to dinosaurs!
The State of Education in Nebraska: The Future of Education
The Future of Education
Aug. 1 at 7PM (CT) & Aug. 4 at 11PM (CT) on NET1
Key national and state leaders discuss how Nebraska is taking steps to develop an education system meeting the needs of today’s youth. Featuring Kate Sullivan, Matt Blomstedt, Rachel Wise, and Paul Reville.
Children have fun while they learn at the NET Kids Workshops. We provide several iPads and Kindles equipped with PBS Kids Games, proven to enhance school success.
Celebrate the wonders of science, social studies, math, language arts, health, physical education, and the arts through NET virtual library. A free, classroom-ready digital resource, with over 100 educational producers including... more››


Standing Bear's Footsteps: The Meaning of Home
This eBook combines the PBS documentary "Standing Bear's Footsteps" with educational interactivity and a series of short essays.
Explore the history of American quilts. By NET Learning Services & the Int'l Quilt Study Center & Museum. 
Stories of Nebraska Quilters -- Grace Snyder: Tiny Stitches, Big Life
Follow this Sandhills woman's amazing journey. By the Int'l Quilt Study Center & Museum, NSHS, & NET Learning Services.
antique bowl with elaborate pattern
Practical and effective methods to help ensure that your artifacts, photographs, and documents will survive into the future.
Project Beak
This Game & Parks interactive course, for grades 5-8, contains scientifically accurate information about birds.
Career Readiness
This NE Depts. of Labor and Education course is for NE high school students or anyone entering the work force.