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It’s been nearly five years since NET began its efforts to explore the broad issues affecting educational quality across our state. The series has informed viewers about the emerging practices adopted to address the state’s achievement gap especially focusing on topics and solutions that involve citizens across the state. The ultimate goal? To improve achievement and adopt a unique approach to greater educational equality.

As a means to broaden community involvement in The State of Education in Nebraska (SOEN) initiative, NET (along with the Nebraska Association of School Boards, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, and Nebraska Loves Public Schools) has undertaken redesign of SOEN that includes convening community leaders, educators, and the general public in a series of rural community dialogues known as the SOEN Community Engagement Tour.

While education is still the catalyst for the initiative, ultimately it is anticipated that a broader set of issues will rise to the surface with the premise of the symbiotic relationship between a community’s education system and its future.

During the morning session, attendees have the opportunity to view Ready for Kindergarten produced by Nebraska Loves Public Schools and take part in hands-on Early Childhood Technology activities. The workshop is hosted by NET Kids, Nebraska Department of Education / Office of Early Childhood and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. Those eligible will receive Continuing Education hours for their participation.
In the evening, NET along with Nebraska Association of School Boards will screen It Takes a Community, produced by Nebraska Loves Public Schools. The 30-minute documentary will be followed by a community discussion regarding methods that are being implemented in that community to ensure viability, available resources, and community-identified solutions. The tour will focus on the importance of leadership within a community and significant factors identified that set successful communities apart from those less viable. Ultimately, the material gathered throughout the tour will be used as focus areas for The State of Education in Nebraska television broadcasts in 2016.



Join us for our
2015 State of Education in Nebraska
Community Engagement Tour

Call to register:

October 21
All meetings @ Kimball Junior / Senior High School
9-11AM NET Kids @ Auditorium
11:30AM-12:30PM Business Leaders @ Gymnasium
2-2:30PM Student Group #1 @ Library
2:30-3PM Student Group #2 @ Library
6:30-8:30PM Board/Community @ Student Center

10 AM - 12 PM
Early Childhood
Educator's Workshop

Register here for the
NET Kids Workshop.


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Business Leader


6 - 8 PM

October 28
November 2
NET Kids @ Blarney Stone - Nebraska Room
Business Leaders @ Blarney Stone - North Room
Community @ O'Neill H.S. - Multi-Purpose Room
November 3
NET Kids @ Valentine Public Library, 324 N. Main St.
Business Leaders @ Peppermill Rest., 502 US-20
Community & Students @ Valentine H.S., 431 N. Green St.
November 9
NET Kids @ Calvert Elementary, 2103 "O"
Business Leaders @ Arbor Manor Rest., 1617 Central Ave.
Community  @ Auburn H.S., 1829 Central Ave.
November 10
All meetings @ Pender High School, 609 Whitney St.
NET Kids @ Multi-Purpose Room
Business Leaders @ Multi-Purpose Room
Community @ Heese Event Center




NET Learning Services
Nebraska Association of School Boards
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation
Nebraska Loves Public Schools

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