University of Nebraska Board of Regents

NET is a joint undertaking of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska and the State of Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission.  The University serves as the licensee of the flagship educational station KUON-TV as granted by the Federal Communications Commission.

The Commission serves as the licensee for the remaining eight Television stations and all nine Radio stations as granted by the Federal Communications Commission.

The University of Nebraska system is governed by a board of eight voting regents, and four non-voting student regents. Voting members of the board are elected by district for six-year terms.

Timothy Clare
District 1, Chair
Howard Hawks
District 2, Vice Chair
Jim Pillen
District 3
Bob Whitehouse
District 4
Robert Schafer
District 5
Kent Schroeder, J.D.
District 6
Bob Phares
District 7
Hal Daub
District 8
Moses Moxey
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Eric Reznicek
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jeremy Hosein
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Martha Spangler
University of Nebraska at Omaha