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Guest host Pat Leach looks at "No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and U.S. Surveillance State" by Glenn Greenwald--a journalist's exploration of the complicated process of Snowden's sharing NSA documents with the public, and reflections on the impact of those revelations.



Hosted By: Charles Stephen


Guest Readers

Stephen Buhler with Guitar
Stephen Buhler is Vice Chair and Aaron Douglas Professor of English at UNL.
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Kwakiutl Dreher is an Associate Professor of English and Ethnic Studies at UNL. She regularly contributes movie reviews for NET Radio’s Friday Live program.
Kwame Dawes is a Professor of English at UNL and Editor of the Prairie Schooner.
Mary Pipher is a Psychologist and writer in Lincoln.
Mandy Gray is Executive Director and author of "Those Bunny Books" in Omaha.
Sydney Kohl
Sydney Kohl is a student at Pound Middle School in Lincoln.
George Ayoub
George Ayoub is a journalist with the Grand Island Independent.
Sharon Bishop is a retired English teacher from Henderson Nebraska.
Clay Farris Naff  is a freelance writer, a science and religion correspondent for the Humanist magazine. He is Executive Director of Lincoln Literacy.
Aja Martin is the manager of Indigo Bridge Books and Café  in Lincoln.