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January 27, 2011
An excerpt from Nebraska Stories focused on the early days of children's television shows. In those days, children's programs were cheap and easy... more››
January 27, 2011
Go inside the world of the Husker Marching Band with Ethan Parks, a Tuba player in the UNL Marching Band in this Nebraska Story. The band goes... more››
January 26, 2011
An interview with famous Nebraska Writer Mari Sandoz taped in the NET studios in 196. Author of classics like Old Jules and Crazy Horse, Sandoz said... more››
January 21, 2011
The sudden death of a large bison herd that roamed the plains of Nebraska 10,000 years ago still puzzles scientists. Travel to the Hudson-Meng... more››
January 18, 2011
January 13, 2011
This excerpt features Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park located in Royal, Nebraska. It gives a quick overview of the history and lives of... more››
January 13, 2011
Not much has changed in the one-room schoolhouse that was built in 1879 in Otoe County. It shut its doors for good in 1997, but a few years later,... more››
December 21, 2010
Growing up on a farm in western Nebraska in the 1950's, Gene Bedient was always building something. So when, as a college student, he discovered the... more››
December 21, 2010
95-year-old Oriel Kinley, a life-long resident of Hastings, is well known for her delicious cherry pies. Still living in the home her father built... more››
December 17, 2010
Film Streams, a non-profit movie theatre in Omaha, recently held its first Local Filmmakers Showcase, featuring thirteen locally produced short films... more››