About 10,000 people are homeless in Nebraska each year. They get to this point in many different ways. Mike Tobias of NET News visited one group of Nebraskans to learn how a... more››
Supporters renewed their push to provide health coverage for more low-income Nebraskans through Medicaid, and a preliminary plan for state spending of nearly $9 billion dollars... more››
Some you see, most you don’t. The thousands of people who are homeless in Nebraska each year.  Nebraska workers recently made an effort to count the homeless in the state to... more››
The U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday resolved a lawsuit between Kansas and Nebraska over Republican River water. Under the decision, Nebraska will have to pay Kansas $5.5 million for... more››
The U.S. Supreme Court says Nebraska should pay $5.5 million in damages to Kansas in a long-running legal dispute over use of water from the Republican River.The justices on... more››
In the small print on meat packages at the grocery store is a note on where the livestock was born, raised, and slaughtered. That piece of information is at the center of an... more››
Voter turnout, partisanship, and how much attention presidential candidates pay to Nebraska were all discussed Monday as the Legislature began debating how to award the state’s... more››
The new version of the farm bill left farmers with a big decision to make. Across the Corn Belt, farmers are signing up for revamped support programs, and which ones they choose... more››
When you look at photos of Native Americans from the 1800s, you're seeing photos taken by photographers who often posed their subjects in costumes. It was an inaccurate picture... more››
Restricting the use of solitary confinement in prisons, increasing regulations on puppy mills, and increasing the gas tax to repair county bridges were all discussed in the... more››
Ongoing money problems at Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services, and overcrowding problems at the Department of Correctional Services, were highlighted in the... more››
The Board of Commissioners in Sioux County will go on the record with their concerns about a wastewater disposal well proposed by a Colorado company. At a special meeting... more››