Nebraska state senators were getting reaction Thursday to their vote to repeal the death penalty, as well as pressure on how to vote on overriding Governor Pete Ricketts promised... more››
Nebraskans hoping to abolish the state’s death penalty cautiously celebrated after the historic vote supporting Legislative Bill 268. With a governor’s veto looming, another... more››
The Nebraska Legislature voted Wednesday to abolish the state’s death penalty. Gov. Pete Ricketts said he’ll veto the bill, leaving the final decision up to a veto override vote... more››
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Gov. Pete Ricketts, Corrections Director Scott Frakes,  Warden Brian Gage and about two dozen members of the media toured the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution Tuesday --... more››
As the Nebraska Legislature closes in on the end of its 2015 session, debate got personal Monday. Meanwhile, lawmakers advanced a bill authorizing a pilot program to use cannabis... more››
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The local food scene has exploded in recent years, which means there’s more local produce on dinner tables. It also means that during the spring season, as small farms start... more››
The Nebraska Legislature gave second round approval Friday to LB268, a bill that would repeal the state’s death penalty, amid charges of vote-trading. Debate on repealing the... more››
California grows almost half the fruits and vegetables in the U.S. It’s also deep in drought and some farms are short on water. That may sound like a chance for Midwestern... more››
Nebraska lawmakers took a step Thursday toward authorizing drivers licenses for so-called "Dreamers." They overrode Gov. Pete Ricketts veto of a 6-cent-a-gallon gas tax increase... more››
Students from across the United States and Japan will soon converge on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus for the 2015 Science Olympiad. It will be the first time the... more››