It only took a few hours for Onaga to turn into a food desert. When this northeast Kansas town's only grocery store burned down last December, its 700 residents suddenly faced a... more››
Ten miles east of Rulo, Neb., the Missouri River floodplain gives way to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. This week, Squaw Creek's 7,400 acres of woods, grass and marshland... more››
It's a loud place. But much cleaner than you might expect for a coal plant. This Nebraska City station, just south of the community, is ten stories of pipes, boilers and a huge... more››
At a recent hearing about the use of the sex offender registry before the State Legislature's Judiciary Committee, the largest number of people offering testimony to the state... more››
Drug shortages in the U.S. are reaching unprecedented levels. So far in 2011, more than 200 different medications have been in shortage. The Food and Drug Administration... more››
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A dinner bell rings. Elder Frank Likely leads a blessing a feast at the Adams Park Community Center in North Omaha. About 30 senior citizens gathered for an early Thanksgiving... more››
The Legislature passed and Gov. Dave Heineman signed bills Tuesday to regulate the location of oil pipelines in the state, setting the stage for the first test of the legislation... more››
The Nebraska Legislature is set to give final approval tomorrow (Tuesday) to two bills regulating the location of oil pipelines. After that, attention will turn to the rerouting... more››
"Gang Fight: Nebraska" is a new NET News documentary airing tonight (Friday, Nov. 18) at 7 p.m. CT on NET television. The program examines Nebraska's gang problem and solutions.... more››