Wildfires have burned 335,000 acres of Nebraska land so far in 2012. That’s less than one percent of the state’s total area – but it’s 85,000 acres more than the previous record... more››
Republican Deb Fischer will be Nebraska’s next U.S. Senator after defeating former Senator and Governor Bob Kerrey in Tuesday’s election.Shortly after 10 p.m. Fischer strode to... more››
Welcome to the NET News page for Election Day 2012; throughout the afternoon and evening today, we'll be posting information, links, photos, results and more for Nebraska and... more››
In October, an 80-acre farm near Sioux City, Iowa sold for nearly $22,000 per acre, five times more than its sale price only five years earlier. Across the Corn Belt, that kind... more››
Omaha, NE - Could the blue dot return in 2012? President Obama's chances to split Nebraska and peel off another electoral vote from Omaha in next week’s election appear slim.As... more››
Omaha, NE- An expanded partnership has welcomed Douglas County inmates to help bring them to functional literacy as well as put them on the path to further education.Teacher Jean... more››
The drought has prompted a new round of discussion over using corn for food versus fuel. But in this debate the stakes for ethanol and livestock producers go beyond the current... more››
As Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race enters the homestretch, Democrat Bob Kerrey and Republican Deb Fischer are trying to win over the state’s voters with approaches that differ in... more››
When Congress recessed for the election season without passing a new farm bill, many observers thought farmers would demand explanations as campaign trails blazed through small... more››
70 percent of Americans age 18 and older shop online – and that number is only expected to increase, according to a 2012 report from Forrester Research. But to reach those... more››
While many farmers were bringing in this year’s harvest, they were also planting cover crops to grow over the winter. Cover crops are becoming more popular across the Midwest... more››
Schools across the U.S. are making room for more fruits and vegetables on lunch trays by serving less meat and bread. The nationwide changes are meant to counter childhood... more››