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A matter of taste: Why Congress may back off new school lunch standards Schools across the U.S. served more than 5 billion meals in the national school lunch program in 2015. Each meal has to meet federal rules for nutrition. Now, those rules are up for debate and changes could be coming to Nebraska cafeterias.School lunch was transformed by the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. It was passed in 2010 and it forces schools to switch to whole grains, cut calories, limit... more››
Shareholders Push Berkshire Hathaway to Report on Climate Change Impacts Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett's investment company, will hold its annual shareholder meeting Saturday in Omaha. Shareholders with a Nebraska nonprofit have introduced a resolution asking the company to report on the risks posed to its insurance businesses by climate change. NET News spoke with reporter Nicholas Kusnetz, who wrote an article on the climate change pressures Warren Buffet is... more››
Nebraska Eases Wind Power Regulations, Some Landowners Have Concerns The Nebraska Legislature recently passed a bill to ease regulations for wind power.  The change could affect wind energy in the state, but there are still other factors challenging renewable energy projects.For years Nebraska wind energy proponents have lamented the fact that the state lags so far behind its neighbors in producing wind power. Kansas and Iowa have installed four to five times the... more››
After Six Months, Do Space Attracting a Diverse Crowd Do Space, Omaha’s free technology library, has been open for just under six months. The space is still adapting to demand, but in a short amount of time it’s created a diverse community all its own.A class of 13 students – adults, teens, and kids – thought it would be awesome to make something with a laser cutter. So they’re in the heart of Omaha on a Monday night, taking a course at the city’s... more››
For Farmers, Every Planting Season Is a High Stakes Bet Planting season is underway, from backyard gardens to the vast fields of the Corn Belt. As farmers put seeds in the ground, and confidence in another crop season, they know they'll get just one shot at making their business profitable this year. Near Alexander, Iowa, on a cloudy spring Tuesday, Josh Nelson watches a bright red Case IH Magnum tractor pull a 24-row planter and crest a small hill,... more››
High stakes on the runway for Nebraska fashion design students This weekend’s runway show for fashion design students becomes as important as any final exam for a handful of students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.It is the nerve-wracking culmination of weeks of sleep-deprived work for designers-in-training in the Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design program. Some have produced an entire clothing line in a single semester.Associate Professor... more››
2016 Legislature: Much talk, some action In its just-concluded 2016 session, the Nebraska Legislature acted on subjects ranging from roads to prisons and property taxes. But senators also staged a record number of filibusters – slowing the Legislature to a crawl, and suggesting it may be harder to pass major legislation in the future. First, here’s some of what did happen: Senators approved spending $50 million from the cash reserve... more››
Senators override Ricketts on professional licenses for DACA recipients The Nebraska Legislature overrode Gov. Pete Ricketts veto Wednesday, voting to allow people brought to the U.S. illegally as children to get professional and occupational licenses in the state.The debate unfolded on the last day of this year’s legislative session as a crowd of young people, some of them DACA recipients, looked down from the balcony. DACA stands for "Deferred Action for Childhood... more››
Video: What are GMO labels? GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are the subject of great debate in grocery stores, at the table and even in Congress. But what are GMOs? And what will GMO labels tell consumers about food products? There’s a heated debate happening right now about GMOs and labels.Big food companies like General Mills, Mars and Kellogg’s say they plan to put labels on their products that tell consumers... more››
TPP creates trade opportunities for Nebraska, but opens door to competition Exports contributed $6.5 billion dollars to Nebraska’s economy last year. Trade is especially important for the state’s cattle, corn, and soybean farmers. But what does Nebraska have to gain or lose from the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal?The U.S. is one of 12 nations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. Even though it’s come under fire in the presidential campaign, the White... more››
New research addresses how we make decisions Think about all of the decisions you've made since you woke up this morning. Bacon and eggs for breakfast or a healthy serving of fruit? What route should you take to work? NET News sat down with University of Nebraska-Lincoln psychologist and assistant professor Jeffrey Stevens to talk about his latest research uncovering new evidence regarding why we make the decisions we do.NET NEWS: Prior... more››
Midwest farmers go against the grain to advocate for TPP free trade deal Free trade has become a bad word on the presidential campaign trail. Both Democrats and Republicans are arguing against deals like the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership. But there’s one group that still largely supports the TPP: farmers.Turn on the TV and you can barely escape it: presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle deriding free trade agreements, like the Trans-Pacific... more››