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When can first responders be sued? Nebraska Supreme Court opinion may change the rules A fairly routine personal injury lawsuit under review by the Nebraska Supreme Court has the full attention of fire departments and other emergency first responders.The ruling could ultimately cause local governments and state law enforcement to reexamine who determines whether a road is safe to drive on following an accident or emergency.The case began when a woman injured in a traffic accident... more››
Controversy erupts in Legislature over Chambers' remarks on police The Nebraska Legislature erupted in controversy Thursday over remarks Sen. Ernie Chambers made about police. Chambers made his remarks at a hearing last week on a proposal by Sen. Tommy Garrett to allow people to carry concealed guns in bars and restaurants. At one point, Chambers asked what people are afraid of, and Garrett mentioned ISIS – the so-called Islamic State. Chambers, who is black,... more››
Would food be safer if food safety was less confusing? A patchwork of more than a dozen federal agencies play a part in keeping food from making Americans sick. But critics say the system has holes. And some think we would all be safer if food safety at the federal level was brought under one roof.Walking through Heartland Gourmet in Lincoln, Nebraska shows how complicated the food safety system can be. Inside the warehouse pallets are stacked with... more››
Sentence reductions advancing, term limit changes debated in Unicam Prison sentences would be eliminated or reduced for some nonviolent crimes under a bill advancing in the Nebraska Legislature. Meanwhile, senators are debating whether or not to ask voters to approve longer terms for their successors. And Sen. Beau McCoy is demanding Sen. Ernie Chambers apologize for remarks about shooting police. Chambers is refusing.The proposed sentence reductions stem from a... more››
Hearing on oil waste water well draws a crowd in Panhandle A plan to take waste water from Colorado and Wyoming oil wells and dispose of it in Nebraska drew a crowd at a public hearing in the Panhandle on Tuesday. Residents near the proposed well are worried about what happens if the well leaks. Terex, a Colorado-based company, wants to take an old oil well near Mitchell, Nebraska in the northern panhandle and use it to store waste water from oil wells... more››
Solitary confinement, tax incentives to be studied; med marijuana stalled The new director of Nebraska’s Department of Correctional Services says he hopes to reduce the number of inmates in restrictive housing by half over the next couple of years. And lawmakers are moving ahead with a study of whether the state’s business tax incentives are worthwhile. Scott Frakes has been on the job as head of Nebraska’s prison system for a month and a half. In his first interview... more››
Tracking a Rare Bird In the late 1930s, as a young boy in Gothenberg, Nebraska, writer Don Welch remembers visiting Old Pete, an injured whooping crane, on the Platte River.“I would go out and hold this piece of bread in front of this crane and then I would run him about 50 yards down the dried river bed and then I'd run him 50 yards back again,” Welch said.Wounded by a hunter, the one-eyed crane was rehabbed by the... more››
Helmet repeal fails; prison reform changes considered An attempt to repeal Nebraska’s motorcycle helmet law failed Monday in the Legislature. And the Judiciary Committee is making last-minute changes before sending prison reform proposals to the full Legislature for debate. It was the 14th attempt to repeal or weaken the law Nebraska passed in 1988 requiring motorcyclists to wear a helmet. And it ended as the previous 13 had, in failure. Once again... more››
Factions clash within the organic food industry The organic sector is having an identity crisis. Many consumers don't know what the organic label means. But trying to figure out how to pay for promotional campaigns is dividing the sector.A battle is brewing in the organic food industry.The largest trade association for organic farmers, marketers and processors wants growers to help pay for promotional campaigns, using the decades-old funding... more››
Helmets prompt representative democracy debate; guns in bars proposal heard Nebraska lawmakers continued debate Friday on whether or not to repeal the state’s motorcycle helmet law. And a public hearing took place on allowing concealed weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. It was the second day of debate on repealing Nebraska’s law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets. Sen. Laura Ebke of Crete argued riders should be able to decide for themselves, and... more››
"It got scary:" Nebraska National Guard soldiers reflect on ambush in Iraq, 10 years later Ten years ago today a group of Nebraska Army National Guard soldiers was in a life or death battle on a highway in Iraq. Mike Tobias looks back at the Battle of Bismarck, with reflections from the soldiers who fought it.“One of the most beautiful days I can remember weather wise, the entire deployment I was over there,” is how Jay Schrad remembered the morning of March 20, 2005.Schrad and 13... more››
Motorcycle helmet repeal debated; Governor's budget increase discussed  Nebraska lawmakers debated freedom of choice versus the social costs of repealing the state’s motorcycle helmet law, and Gov. Pete Ricketts’ chief of staff talked about the increase in the governor’s office budget in the Legislature Thursday. The Legislature passed a law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets in 1988, and there have been 14 attempts to repeal or soften it since then. This year... more››