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Second Ebola patient released from UNMC The second patient treated for ebola at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha has been released after testing negative for the virus.Ashoka Mukpo was working as a free-lance videographer for NBC News in Liberia when he contracted Ebola earlier this month. After his diagnosis, Mukpo was transported to UNMC. He was released Wednesday after a little more than two weeks of treatment at... more››
Property tax, marijuana, backgrounds divide Nebraska candidates for governor Three men on the ballot in the race to become Nebraska’s next governor -- Democrat Chuck Hassebrook, Republican Pete Ricketts, and Libertarian Mark Elworth Jr. -- have very different backgrounds and approaches to issues.On a recent weekday afternoon, Democrat Chuck Hassebrook spent an hour talking to students in a University of Nebraska at Omaha class on Nebraska politics and government. He... more››
Nebraska candidates for governor discuss prison issues Republican Pete Ricketts, Democrat Chuck Hassebrook, and Libertarian Mark Elworth Jr. discuss their views on Nebraska's prison system. 
Corrections Director defends legality of stay-at-home program; denies Gov. and AG knew The director of Nebraska’s Department of Correctional Services says contrary to a former Corrections’ attorney’s opinion, he did have the authority to create a program to let inmates released too early remain at home.  At the same time, Director Mike Kenney says he never met with Governor Dave Heineman or Attorney General Jon Bruning about the program.The statements by Corrections Director Mike... more››
Voters to decide if lowest earning Nebraska workers get a pay raise. Do the state’s lowest paid workers deserve a raise? On Election Day voters will decide whether Initiative 425 should be made the law in Nebraska. It proposes increasing the hourly minimum wage in Nebraska ahead of the level set by the federal government.It’s Ladies League Night at Sunset Bowl in York, Nebraska, a local institution.Amid of the clatter of pins and laughter, Jan Hulbert confidently... more››
At harvest, corn huskers still pick by hand It’s harvest time and that means farmers all over the Midwest are bringing in billions of bushels of corn. With modern harvesting technology, they can strip acres in a day. But farmers used to pick corn by hand and, on occasion, a few still do.Dick Humes squinted and sweated as he moved down a row of corn. He sliced through the husk with a metal hook in his right hand, snapped the ear from its... more››
AG Bruning denies meeting with Gov. Heineman on illegal prisoner program; calls subpoena political theater Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is denying he and Gov. Dave Heineman met to discuss an allegedly illegal program allowing former prison inmates released too early to remain at home. And Bruning says an upcoming hearing at which the governor has been subpoenaed to appear is political theater.One key point in the Legislature’s prison investigation involves a meeting Gov. Heineman and... more››
Dave Domina: Nebraska U.S. Senate Candidate Profiles Dave Domina is the Democrat in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race. As part of our Campaign Connection 2014 coverage, Mike Tobias of NET News profiles the candidate and reports on his political beliefs.A recent noon-hour meeting of Omaha’s Suburban Rotary Club got started with a patriotic sing-along to “God Bless America.” Then came the meeting headliner. U.S. Senate candidate Dave Domina.“I may relate... more››
Legislative committee subpoenas Gov. Heineman to testify on prisons A legislative committee investigating problems in the way Nebraska runs its prisons has subpoenaed Gov. Dave Heineman to testify before it. Heineman says he welcomes the chance to answer questions.The vote to subpoena Gov. Heineman was unanimous. It came from the three registered Democrats, three registered Republicans, and one independent on the officially nonpartisan legislative committee. The... more››
Jim Jenkins: Nebraska U.S. Senate Candidate Profiles Jim Jenkins is one of two independents who gathered enough petition signatures to be on the ballot for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race. Mike Tobias of NET News examines the background and beliefs of Jenkins as we continue our Campaign Connection 2014 stories on the Senate candidates.From the stage of York’s City Auditorium, Jim Jenkins is talking to a couple hundred area high school kids at a... more››
Ben Sasse: Nebraska U.S. Senate Candidate Profiles Ben Sasse survived a hotly-contested primary to earn a spot on the ballot for Nebraska’s open U.S. Senate seat. As we continue our Campaign Connection 2014 coverage, Mike Tobias of NET News reports on the Republican candidate and his stance on issues.A downtown Lincoln ballroom was crowded for the annual conference of the Independence Insurance Agents of Nebraska. The noon hour menu included... more››
Todd Watson: Nebraska U.S. Senate Candidate Profiles Mike Johanns’ decision not to run for another term created a wide-open U.S. Senate race in Nebraska. As part of our Campaign Connection 2014 coverage, Mike Tobias of NET News begins profiles of the four candidates on the November ballot with a look at the politics and background of independent Todd Watson.Todd Watson begins a full day of campaigning at KRVN radio in Lexington, Nebraska. It is... more››