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Rapid program growth for Nebraska libraries The Pew Research Center surveyed Americans this year about what they want to see in their public libraries. One theme that surfaced over and over again: people want libraries to provide more, and varied services and programs for the communities they serve. As part of the NET News special reporting project, “Nebraska Libraries: The Next Chapter,” we look at how our state’s libraries are becoming... more››
Can fewer books on the shelf improve Nebraska libraries? What about the books?Librarians across Nebraska hear versions of that question almost every day as more and more readers use electronic devices to obtain, share, read, and store their books and magazines.It is a passionate topic for librarians like Rossella Tesch of the Chadron Public Library who maintains, “Books are life!”“Libraries are what contain them,” she added.  “Well, I think libraries... more››
Nebraska libraries: how they’re doing, challenges and opportunities At the crossroads. A phrase used often when talking about libraries in America, also true in Nebraska where libraries are facing new directions in serving users and remaining viable. A special NET News reporting project examines this important time for these venerable institutions. It’s called “Nebraska Libraries: The Next Chapter.” To begin, a progress report on the state’s public libraries,... more››
Going Social To Build Your Career In the past 10 years, the use of social media has skyrocketed. Around 2 billion people use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, 73% of all adults online today use some form of social media. With the growing number of online interactions, some Nebraskans are using social media to land jobs and build careers.University of Nebraska-Lincoln architecture student Arthur Nguyen wanted... more››
Strategic plan for Nebraska prisons raises questions There’s a new strategic plan for Nebraska’s prisons, long troubled by overcrowding and other problems -- including a deadly riot at the prison in Tecumseh this spring. NET News talked with the state’s corrections director and key state senators about where Nebraska’s prison system is headed.Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Director Scott Frakes‘ strategic plan covers a lot of... more››
Farm boom leaves behind property tax shadow in Nebraska The value of farmland is riding high, and so are the taxes farmers pay on that property. But as those numbers remain steady, the actual income farmers make from the land has tumbled. Some farmers are pushing for a discount on their tax bill.Larry Tegeler raises corn and soybeans along with some cattle in northeast Nebraska. He started farming about thirty years ago, and the first land he ever... more››
Ricketts stands by opposition of resettlement of Syrian refugees in Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is not backing down in his opposition to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Nebraska. Ricketts’ remarks at a news conference Tuesday afternoon follow a letter he sent Monday to refugee resettlement agencies in the state. In it, he urged them not to pursue resettlement of Syrian refugees in light of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.“We certainly don’t want to be... more››
Public Art Projects Aim to Create Community on Main Street A secret lies behind a downtown storefront in the small northeast Nebraska town of Lyons. It's one of four public art projects in rural communities in northeastern Nebraska, collectively called the Byway of Art.On a Monday night, Main Street is closed — for a movie, according to signs on the barricades. A crowd has gathered on the brick pavement. Suddenly, what appears to be an empty storefront... more››
Looking to Settle Down, Immigrant Farmworkers Face Housing Crisis Migrant workers travel rural areas in the U.S. picking crops like cotton, apples, and melons. As they move, they find few social services and even less affordable housing. That can leave them living in dangerous and dilapidated conditions.Immigrant farmworkers often fail to find the affordable housing that small towns need to integrate new arrivals into a community. That means many farmworker... more››
Reversing the monarch butterfly decline in Nebraska The population of monarch butterflies has declined so dramatically in recent years that the iconic insect is being considered for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s endangered species list. Efforts are underway to determine the scope of the decline in Nebraska, a stop on the monarch migration route.Carrying notebook and camera, Tom Weissling wades through waist-high grass and plants at Nine... more››
Deer Hunters Donate Valuable Protein to Nebraska Food Banks As rifle deer hunting season opens this weekend, a deer shot in Broken Bow could end up feeding a needy family as far away as Omaha. That’s because of the Hunters Helping the Hungry Program, in its fourth year in Nebraska. Hunters contribute deer, and the processing is paid for by donations. The meat is then given to charitable organizations to distribute to those in need.Angie Grote, donor... more››
Conference puts Midwest center stage in climate change discussion World leaders meet in Paris later this month to discuss climate change. This week, climatologists, researchers, and policymakers are converging on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus to discuss how the Great Plains factors in. NET News Reporter Ben Bohall sat down with University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor and climatologist Don Wilhite to ask how big changes in the Arctic could affect... more››