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Teachers Often Pull From Own Pockets To Pay For Classroom Supplies With school now back in session, many Nebraska teachers are faced with the reality of having to pay hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket for classroom supplies. It's an ongoing problem and state educators are hoping for help to lighten the financial load.On a Friday afternoon at Grand Island’s Seedling Mile Elementary school, Meghan Roeser’s third grade classroom was buzzing. Some students listened... more››
Psychiatrists: Prisons didn't act on warnings Jenkins was mentally ill Psychiatrists who evaluated Nikko Jenkins told a Nebraska legislative investigation Thursday they recommended he be sent to in the Lincoln Regional Center before he was released from prison and convicted of killing four people.__________________________________________________________ The legislative committee investigating problems in the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services focused its... more››
How Tough is Nebraska on Pot Possession? Depends on the County County attorneys in Nebraska respond to small quantity pot cases in dramatically different ways. The range of charges, fines, and opinions came to light in a recent hearing before the Nebraska State Legislature’s Judiciary Committee.State senators invited prosecutors and local law enforcement to testify on the impact of nearby Colorado legalizing marijuana. The one thing they all agreed on was... more››
Bakken rail information raises right-to-know, public safety questions In Nebraska, the state keeps information on Bakken crude oil shipments by rail confidential. In Iowa and Missouri, that is public information. The difference reflects questions about public safety and the public’s right to know.__________________________________________________________Almost every train carrying oil from the Bakken region of North Dakota arrives at its destination safely.But... more››
U.S. meat inspection system in disarray, watchdogs say Government inspectors all over the country are supposed to ensure the meat we eat is safe. But according to a growing chorus of current and former inspectors - and a number of watchdog groups - the U-S meat inspection system isn’t doing its job. Jennifer Brdar’s dream job was to be a meat inspector for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, watching out for unwary consumers and making sure the meat... more››
Nebraska Senate candidates debate in North Platte Nebraska’s four U.S. Senate candidates differed on immigration, guns, foreign policy and more at their debate last night in North Platte.  Republican Ben Sasse, Democrat Dave Domina, and nonpartisan independents Jim Jenkins and Todd Watson answered questions for an hour and a half on stage at North Platte High School. Among the topics was illegal immigration, and in particular children crossing... more››
Chris Abani teaches Nebraska to walk gracefully and live creatively Chris Abani does a lot. He’s written multiple books, poems and essays, teaches creative writing, and has even given a TED talk. The award winning poet and novelist came to Lincoln to deliver the Governor’s Lecture in the Humanities, as part of the EN Thompson Forum on World Issues.  Before Abani spoke to a full house at the Lied Center, he challenged a small audience of students at the... more››
NET Journalists Preview U.S. Senate Debate and Talk About the Race The four candidates on the ballot in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race face off Sunday in North Platte, in the campaign’s final debate. NET News, in cooperation with the Nebraska Broadcasters Association, is presenting the event. It airs live Sunday at 7 p.m. CT on NET-1, NET Radio and Bill Kelly and Mike Tobias of NET News are part of a panel of journalists who will question the... more››
Farmer Sets His Sights On A New Crop: Crickets When you’re hungry, do you reach for potato chips or peanuts? What about a handful of crickets? One daring entrepreneur is bucking the “yuck” factor and opening the first U.S. farm to grow insects exclusively for human consumption.I went to visit this intrepid cricketeer at Big Cricket Farms, located in an old warehouse in Youngstown, Ohio. It’s the perfect place to grow crickets, according to... more››
Nebraska Sec. of State Accepts Foley as Ricketts' New Running Mate Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale decided Wednesday Mike Foley’s name will be on the ballot in November.  The state auditor will replace former Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann as Republican gubernatorial candidate Pete Ricketts’ running mate.Ricketts said Tuesday he wanted to substitute Foley for Heidemann as his running mate. That was after Heidemann announced he was resigning as lieutenant... more››
Commissioner Discusses Future of Education in Nebraska The Nebraska Department of Education is slated to release its 2014 State of the Schools Report on October 24th. NET News’ Ben Bohall talked with NDE Commissioner Matt Blomstedt about Nebraska’s achievement gap and some of the improvements the department hopes the new report will reflect.NET NEWS: The latest Nebraska State of the Schools report is slated to be released on October 24th. When you... more››
Heidemann quits as Lt. Gov. and candidate over domestic violence order; Ricketts wants Foley as replacement Following allegations of domestic violence by his sister, Nebraska Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann resigned Tuesday and dropped off the ticket with Republican gubernatorial candidate Pete Ricketts. Ricketts said he will replace Heidemann with State Auditor Mike Foley.Heidemann announced his resignation one day after a judge granted a protection order to his sister, Lois Bohling, who said he shouted at... more››