What we’re watching Saturday

Syrian opposition and government meet in silence

Representatives from both the Syrian government and opposition forces met for the first time on Saturday as a part of ongoing peace talks taking place in Geneva.

Both sides sat at the negotiating table in silence while international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi set out plans which include focusing on humanitarian aid and holding political talks aimed at resolving the conflict.

Anti-government protests in Egypt turn deadly

Nine people were killed in Egypt on Saturday during anti-government protests marking three years since the uprising against president Hosni Mubarak.

For two hours, armed police fired tear gas in an attempt to keep demonstrators out of Tahrir Square.

In a separate incident, six people were killed when a truck bomb exploded at Cairo’s main security headquarters on Friday.

Ukranian president holds meeting with opposition leaders

Clashes continued between police and radical protesters in Ukraine overnight on Friday, while another group of activists attempted to take control of an energy ministry building.

As major rallies are expected throughout Kiev this weekend, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and opposition leaders gathered for three hours of talks on Saturday, according to a statement on the president’s website.

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