Let's Weather The Storm: Share '3 Things To Do When Stuck Inside'

Millions of Americans may be mostly stuck inside the next couple days because of the ice and snow storm that's rolling across much of the eastern half of the nation. Everyone has their own ideas about great things to do to ward off cabin fever. Please tell us yours.

As folks in the Deep South, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast deal with yet another severe storm that's bringing rain, ice, sleet, snow or some combination of all those, let's see if we can help each other out.

So, please share in the comments thread or on NPR's Facebook page your "3 Things To Do When Stuck Inside."

We have just one request: Since this blog is family-friendly, "adult" activities should be ... well, kept between you and yours.

But we're pretty flexible otherwise. If you don't have 3 things to suggest, 1 or 2 are just fine. More than 3 are OK too.

Once we get a good number of suggestions, we'll fold some of the best into this post.

We'll start things off:

-- 1. Listen to the songs on All Things Considered's listener-generated "Cabin Fever Playlist."

-- 2. Read that classic book you were supposed to read back in high school. War and Peace, anyone?

-- 3. Introduce the kids to these things called board games. They're particularly handy if the power is out.

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