Anti-virus software, R.I.P.

Photo by William Hartz/Flickr

Anti-virus software has not evolved along with hackers’ abilities to attack — so much so that some are ready to read the computer programs their last rites.

A report published on Monday by RedSocks, a Netherlands-based company that specializes in malware detection, found that more than 25 percent of all malicious files went undetected by anti-virus software in January, February and March of 2014.

“Protecting your data from Internet-based threats is not an easy task —- and relying on protection from Anti-Virus companies, no matter how established their brand, is simply not enough,” the report stated.

IT security company Symantec’s senior vice president Brian Dye told the Wall Street Journal that the software is essentially obsolete because it still leaves many software users vulnerable.

Dye said that anti-virus programs let through about 55 percent of attacks.

Symantec invented commercial antivirus software in the 1980s and now sells Norton Antivirus. It depends on software sales for 40 percent of its revenue. Now the company plans to shift its strategy from developing products that “protect” to products that
“detect and respond,”
preventing data loss after a hacker launches a cyberattack.

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