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December 22, 2015
The marijuana debate found itself in courtrooms, the capitol and police cruisers all across Nebraska in 2015. Expect even more pot news next... more››
December 21, 2015
The fast-moving PED virus sent the cost of bacon soaring last year. Prices have recovered, but this winter will be a crucial test. A Minnesota... more››
December 18, 2015
Seed companies have poured billions of dollars into biotech soybeans, and corn that raises more grain with less water. Meanwhile, the wheat industry... more››
December 17, 2015
After the patent on one of the most popular genetically engineered soybeans expired this year, U.S. universities are creating new generic GMO soybean... more››
December 16, 2015
A year after American hospitals treated their first cases of Ebola a new study finds the United States “has sufficient capacity for treating another... more››
December 15, 2015
Nebraskans are upset about property taxes. But property taxes provide most of the money for Nebraska schools. That leaves lawmakers grappling with... more››
December 14, 2015
Two years ago a new virus swept through the pork industry, killing millions of baby pigs. Researchers are still trying to track the source... more››
December 12, 2015
Many Nebraskans have been to Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln for sporting events and concerts. The building is named after John J. Pershing who... more››
December 11, 2015
Three teenagers from small town Nebraska. Two went to war and never came home. The other spent much of this year giving new life to their story. Here... more››
December 10, 2015
Nebraska irrigates more farmland than any state in the nation, and a lot of that water is pumped from underground. A new program for sharing Nebraska... more››