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September 18, 2015
The population of the small central Nebraska village of Taylor is growing. Sort of. Meet the villagers of Taylor, and the woman who put them there.... more››
September 17, 2015
 Opponents of Nebraska’s death penalty today filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking efforts to put the issue on next year’s election ballot.The... more››
September 17, 2015
Nebraska’s electric rates have gone up faster than the national average in recent years. Advocates say competition between outside utilities and the... more››
September 16, 2015
Vocational or career-oriented education is on the rise in schools across Nebraska. The popularity of this alternative curriculum is spreading faster... more››
September 15, 2015
Farm runoff polluting drinking water and destroying aquatic wildlife habitat has been a problem in the Midwest for decades. Fearing a backlash from... more››
September 14, 2015
Throughout the cropland of the Midwest, farmers use chemicals on their fields to nourish the plants and the soil. But excess nitrogen, phosphorus and... more››
September 11, 2015
A case of alleged video voyeurism at a high school in central Nebraska has the town of O’Neill rattled and law enforcement urging teenagers and their... more››
September 10, 2015
Solar storms are beautiful -- they cause the aurora borealis or northern lights. But they can also threaten to take down our most important piece of... more››
September 9, 2015
Farmers in the Midwest are facing a situation they haven’t seen for a while. Grain prices are down. After some of the most lucrative years they’ve... more››
September 7, 2015
After a federal judge struck down an Idaho law that made it illegal to take undercover video on farms and ranches, animal rights groups say they are... more››