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January 8, 2012
Hedging by way of the commodities market often comes in mighty handy for many of the nation's farmers. But in the aftermath of derivatives trader... more››
January 8, 2012
Electing committee chairs openly, instead of by secret ballot, would improve accountability, says a senator who wants that rule change. But an... more››
January 6, 2012
"What's in a Name - Inscribed Quilts" opens January 13th at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln.For a link to... more››
January 5, 2012
The Nebraska National Guard is helping farmers in Afghanistan learn more effective agriculture techniques. The Guard has had some help from Vaughn... more››
January 5, 2012
A proposal to give tax breaks to people who move to counties with decreasing populations was among bills introduced in the Legislature Friday.... more››
January 4, 2012
Conflicting views on child welfare, health care and legal settlement money were in the air on the second day of the legislative session. As lawmakers... more››
January 3, 2012
The Nebraska Legislature began its 2012 session Wednesday with a slew of new proposals and many more to come. Before bills were introduced, Sen.... more››
January 3, 2012
Measuring blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer is a common occurrence during a DUI stop. A law enforcement officer typically administers the... more››
January 2, 2012
Ask Nebraska legislators what they expect to be the big issues in the coming session, and one subject that's almost certain to come up is child... more››
January 1, 2012
Most farmers in western Kansas can't just look to the skies for water to nourish their crops -- they have to dig down to the Ogallala Aquifer to... more››