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Nebraska Businesses Take Historical Approach The National Register of Historic Places has more than one thousand listings in Nebraska. Places like old farmsteads, houses, bridges, prairies and parks. The list of historic sites grows even more when you take into account things that have local historic significance.  That history is now encouraging new economic investments.On an acre-and-a-half of mostly long grass just off of Highway 2 in... more››
Higher welfare payments, more time for trial requests based on new evidence passed by Legislature Low income parents could get higher welfare payments for the first time in 30 years, and time limits would be eased on how long after new evidence is discovered convicted criminals could ask for new trials, under bills passed by the Nebraska Legislature Thursday.For the last 30 years, the most a single mom with two children could get under the Aid to Dependent Children program has been $364... more››
Subsidies for wind and alternative energy, tougher penalties for sex trafficking advance in Unicam Nebraska would offer subsidies for electricity produced by wind, solar or other alternative technologies, and penalties for sex trafficking of minors would be increased under bills advancing in the Legislature. A federal subsidy for wind power expired in January, leaving states to compete for wind power developments. Omaha Sen. Jeremy Nordquist is sponsoring a bill that in its current form would... more››
Corn lawsuits underscore Chinese influence on Midwest farmers It’s planting time in the Midwest. Much of the corn and beans farmers are preparing to grow will end up feeding livestock in China, a huge importer of grain from the Corn Belt. But farmers have to be careful to plant kind of grain China is willing to buy.China has its own rules for the kind of crops it wants and when American farmers don’t comply, China can close off its market.In 2013, China... more››
Unicam advances regulations on ridesharing services, dog and cat breeders Bills designed to regulate transportation services like Uber and Lyft, and to crack down on dog and cat breeders if they mistreat animals, are advancing in the Nebraska Legislature. Since getting started in San Francisco in 2009, ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft have spread across the country and around the world. These so-called transportation network companies don’t hire drivers or own... more››
Medical marijuana headed for legislative debate; fracking decision may not be delayed A medical marijuana bill is headed to the floor of the Nebraska Legislature for debate. Seven senators are trying to delay a decision by the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on the proposed disposal of fracking water in Sioux County. And a proposal to inform Nebraskans how much it would cost to comply with a federal mandate to reduce carbon emissions is advancing. The Judiciary Committee... more››
To close subsidy loophole, USDA wants to redefine ‘farmer’ Big farms are collecting taxpayer dollars that they haven’t necessarily earned by taking advantage of a loophole in government subsidy rules, according to regulators, members of Congress and the U.S. Government Accountability Office.The U.S. Department of Agriculture is taking aim at what is known as the “actively engaged” loophole, which has been gaping for nearly three decades, by changing the... more››
NPPD coal plant switching to hydrogen A Nebraska coal-fired power plant is getting set for a clean energy makeover. The Nebraska Public Power District is teaming with a California company to produce power from hydrogen. When complete, it would be the largest hydrogen power project in the country.The Sheldon Station power plant near Hallam in southeast Nebraska has been running on coal since the 1960s. NPPD announced Friday that by... more››
Ongoing research highlights disparities in breast cancer African American women in Nebraska experience a significantly higher rate of cancer diagnoses and deaths compared to whites according to the Nebraska Cancer Registry. In 2008, a routine mammogram for pastor and nurse Janet Goodman-Banks uncovered something suspicious. She was told she needed to see a radiologist. She did. It wasn’t long before she received the  follow-up phone call.“…And I was... more››
Senators give first-round approval to abolishing Nebraska's death penalty Nebraska lawmakers gave first-round approval Thursday to a bill that would abolish the state’s death penalty. But abolition opponents, including Gov. Pete Ricketts, vowed to continue the fight to keep capital punishment on the books. Caution: this report contains some extremely graphic material that may not be suitable for children or adolescents.Proposals to abolish the death penalty have been... more››
Beef industry not sold on E. coli vaccine Thousands of people get sick every year from E. coli bacteria in their food. The beef industry has gone to great lengths to limit illnesses in meat. But the industry has been slow to adopt an E. coli vaccine that could keep people from getting sick.Ground beef has a track record of causing some serious outbreaks of food illness, like E. Coli O157 H:7. The problem is, when cows carry E. coli... more››
Sentencing reform, youth minimum wage bills advance Nebraska lawmakers are continuing to advance a series of bills intended to reduce prison sentences and relieve overcrowding. And they gave initial approval to a lower minimum wage for student workers age 18 and younger.It was the second day of debate on a package of proposals to deal with Nebraska’s overcrowded prisons. Tuesday, lawmakers advanced proposals to substitute probation for prison... more››