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Cramped Quarters + Colorado Cannabis = McConaughy Concerns Space for camping on the beaches of Nebraska’s Lake McConaughy will be at a premium over the July 4th weekend, raising concerns about crowding and sharing close quarters with marijuana smokers defying the law.The prevalence of pot has become an increasing issue for law enforcement who patrol the state’s largest recreation area. They report a steady increase in complaints about its use and the... more››
These Horses Help Students Learn How can animals help us learn? A small central Nebraska ranch where students are finding the answer first-hand at one small central Nebraska ranch.  At Brave Hearts Equine Therapy in Kearney, teacher Nancy Lyon is working with 11-year-old Clayton on his math skills. This activity is all about addition.In this setting, there are no chalkboards, chairs, tables, or books, like those you would find... more››
Inside JBS, The World’s Largest Food Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Many of the world’s largest food companies like General Mills, Kraft and Tyson are household names. But there’s one global food producer you’ve likely never heard of. Now JBS, the secretive meat company, is attempting to change its reputation. Food companies the world over are paying close attention to the groundswell of support for food transparency, the “know where your food comes from”... more››
The brief reign of the ‘Queen of the Night’ orchid cactus It’s summer, and flowers are blooming. This season is more than a pretty time of year. It’s when plants perform an elaborate dance to draw pollinators close. Blossoms can last weeks. But for some species, the ritual takes place over just a few hours.It’s Monday, around 9 o’clock, and the library is locked for the night.Silently, Linda Zellmer appears on the other side of the glass door. She... more››
Poets find new readers through comics, slam, and teaching School is where a lot of people are first exposed to poetry. That first experience with poetry can shade a person’s love – or hate – of poetry for a lifetime.Poets do a lot of work not just writing but also teaching poetry. They often find themselves teaching workshops and doing readings at libraries, book clubs, and in classrooms. Nebraska’s State Poet Twyla Hansen is the state’s most visible... more››
Some Nebraska couples quickly embrace new right to marry. It did not take long for Nebraska couples to celebrate and take advantage of the United States Supreme Court ruling on same sex-marriage. Same sex couples signed their marriage licenses in a number of communities.Just after 9:00 am Central Time the U.S. Supreme Court made marriage for same sex couples was legal in all 50 states. By 11 o’clock Beverly Reicks and Kathy Pettersen had their marriage... more››
Death penalty referendum campaign gearing up Supporters of capital punishment are on the streets gathering signatures for a referendum to keep the death penalty on the books, after the Nebraska Legislature voted to repeal it. What could be a long campaign on the issue is now well underway. On a busy weekday morning outside the Lancaster County motor vehicle office in Lincoln, petition circulator Jennifer Dormer called out as Evelyn Johnson... more››
Color Guard Offers Alternatives For At-Risk Youth A program in Omaha is giving some youth in trouble with the law an alternative to jail. It has them involved in an activity most never considered -- participating in a color guard.In a large gymnasium, 20-year United States Navy Veteran Terris Bowen barked out orders to a squad of six cadets, members of the color guard.But Bowen doesn’t work for a military academy. He’s an educational para... more››
Health Care Fraud Costs Nebraska Millions The FBI says health care fraud costs the United States tens of billions of dollars a year, and Nebraska is not immune from this crime. Randy Reeder was living Doniphan, a small town between Grand Island and Hastings. He was confined to a wheelchair and required a lot of help with everyday needs like getting out of bed, washing and getting dressed. Medicaid paid for home health care workers to... more››
Lobbying complaint against ex-Senator Fulton dismissed The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission has dismissed a complaint against former state senator Tony Fulton for not registering as a lobbyist.In January, Fulton persuaded current Senator Al Davis to withdraw a bill to tax the rare mineral niobium. Fulton serves on the board of directors of NioCorp Developments Ltd., a  company that wants to mine niobium in southeast Nebraska. Fulton... more››
What is the economic impact of the College World Series? The College World Series came to Omaha in 1950. It’s been a summer tradition ever since, but not everything is the same. Five years ago the tournament moved to TD Ameritrade Park downtown and the move has had an economic impact in both places. Since its inception in 1947, 970 College World Series games have been played. All but eight of those games were played in Omaha. With that many people... more››
Food Pantries Help Patrons Grow Their Own Produce In the U.S., one in six people struggles with hunger – one in eight in Nebraska. Food pantries across the country pass out food to help these people put meals on the table. But what if they could help teach the pantry visitors how to grow their own food, too?Grow Well Missouri, a program that travels to food pantries around central Missouri, is trying to help hungry residents grow more of their... more››