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UNMC wants to build national training center for contagious diseases in Omaha The University of Nebraska Medical Center wants to build a training center for health professionals from around the country concentrating on treating highly contagious diseases like Ebola. UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey Gold appeared before the Legislature’s Health and Human Services committee Thursday to ask senators help in getting federal funds for the training center. Gold said the biocontainment... more››
Legislation And Policy Changes Aim To Stop Discrimination Against Trangender Nebraskans Policy reforms and proposed legislation are being designed to prevent discrimination against transgender Nebraskans in the workplace and academics.  NET News examines these efforts in our in-depth report “Transgender Nebraska.” Elle Barts will be the first to acknowledge when you’re in your early twenties and right out of college, you probably should not set your hopes too high on finding a job... more››
Medicaid personal allowance increase moves forward; death penalty debate renewed A bill increasing Medicaid spending to allow people who rely on the program a little more spending money is advancing in the Nebraska Legislature. And the argument over whether to keep the state’s death penalty has been renewed. It was the second day of debate on Lincoln Sen. Patty Pansing Brook’s proposal to increase monthly spending allowances for Medicaid recipients in nursing homes and other... more››
Young Transgender Nebraskans Face Challenges Nebraska’s population is becoming more diverse- and a large part of that diversity includes the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender; or LGBT community. NET News' Ben Bohall looks at some of the experiences of young, Transgender adults in our in-depth report “Transgender Nebraska.” Ezra Young is 28-years-old. He’s a University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate student. He’s also transgender, and... more››
More spending money for Medicaid nursing home patients; drivers licenses for "Dreamers" debated Extra spending money for Medicaid recipients in nursing homes, and drivers licenses for children brought to the United States illegally, were discussed in the Nebraska Legislature Tuesday. Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks of Lincoln is the sponsor of the bill to allow more spending money for Medicaid recipients in nursing homes. Currently, if someone receives Social Security, for example, they have to... more››
Pilger Residents "Reinventing" Village's Future The village of Pilger in northeast Nebraska continues to make progress in its recovery from last summer’s tornadoes, but there have been setbacks. Last month, residents received word the Pilger Middle School would not be rebuilt. Despite the news, people in Pilger don’t stay disappointed long.In a field where houses once stood, a bulldozer moved mounds of concrete rubble while another mechanical... more››
Nebraska's same-sex marriage ban overturned; one week for appeal Same-sex marriage advocates are praising Monday’s court ruling striking down Nebraska’s ban, but giving a week for an appeal. Meanwhile Attorney General Doug Peterson is pressing ahead with that appeal, with the support of Governor Pete Ricketts. Sally Waters and her partner Susan were married seven years ago in California. This morning their attorney called to tell them the marriage may soon... more››
Federal Judge Blocks Nebraska's Same-Sex Marriage Ban A federal judge has blocked Nebraska's gay marriage ban, but the decision will not take effect until March 9.U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon on Monday ordered the state to not enforce its ban.Seven same-sex couples filed a lawsuit last year challenging the state's voter-backed ban. Last week, Bataillon heard arguments for and against a motion for an injunction to block enforcement of the... more››
Back from war, on to the farm Many of the millions of veterans deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan have returned home to resume civilian lives and civilian careers. Congress wants to help jump-start the transition process. And for some, that means a second life on the farm.Sara Creech has grown dependent on farming. She started out planting an orchard of fruit trees - apples, peaches, cherries and pears. She added berry bushes... more››
When Things Speak: The Pistols Eloise Kruger ran a laundry service with her husband in Lincoln in the 1960s and 70s. But in her spare time, she collected over 20,000 miniature pieces. As part of our occasional series, When Things Speak, DiAnna Hemsath, the curator of the Eloise Kruger Collection, tells the story behind a pair of miniature dueling pistols Kruger commissioned from a Swedish artist named Eric Pearson.Music used... more››
Ricketts concerned vets bill he signed may violate same-sex marriage ban Gov. Pete Ricketts says he has concerns that a bill he signed on veterans benefits might be interpreted as violating Nebraska’s ban on same-sex marriage. The bill sponsored by Sen. Sue Crawford of Bellevue gives in-state tuition to veterans’ spouses and dependents. The Legislature passed it last week on a unanimous vote of 49-0. Ricketts signed it Thursday. But in a letter to senators, Ricketts... more››
Medicaid coverage of birth control fails in Legislature; mountain lion hunting ban heard An attempt to use Medicaid dollars to provide birth control coverage for low-income women failed in the Nebraska Legislature Thursday. And the fight over whether people should be able to hunt mountain lions in the state resumed. Omaha Sen. Jeremy Nordquist introduced the bill to provide birth control coverage for women with low incomes, defined as less than about $22,000 a year for a single... more››