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September 9, 2013
Scientists studying water quality say many Midwest streams and rivers have elevated levels of nitrates from farm fertilizer. Water treatment plants... more››
September 6, 2013
A group studying state taxes is getting ready for a series of public hearings to ask Nebraskans about possible changes. The governor says he thinks... more››
September 5, 2013
A public art project that’s been to cities across the world has made its way to Nebraska. 10 pianos placed throughout Omaha are bringing... more››
September 4, 2013
Farmers in the Midwest were devastated by a crippling drought in 2012. The federal crop insurance program paid out a record $17.3 billion to help... more››
September 3, 2013
The future of “The Arch” - a struggling Nebraska museum spanning Interstate 80 near Kearney - is in the hands of a bankruptcy judge. A... more››
September 2, 2013
A Midwestern farmer with a well-known last name has set out to fight food insecurity on a global scale. Howard Buffett, son of Nebraska billionaire... more››
August 30, 2013
The future of agriculture across the Great Plains hinges on water. Without it, nothing can grow. Climate models show rainfall will become much more... more››
August 29, 2013
The number of apps, or software programs for mobile devices, has ballooned to more than 800,000 each for both Apple and Android products. Using a... more››
August 28, 2013
There are water problems all across Nebraska. Water shortages, water pollution, and water infrastructure problems range from the state’s... more››
August 27, 2013
If you think soybeans are just for livestock feed and tofu, think again.  More than 3 billion bushels are produced in the U.S. each year.... more››